alona tal

Birthname: Alona Tal 
Date of birth: 1983-10-20 
Birthplace: Herzliya, Israel 
Nationality: Israeli 
Profession: Actress 

Tal started her career fresh out of the Israeli army, with a children's musical video tape, in which she played an evil witch. Following that, she appeared in a commercial for a laundry detergent. After that she got the lead role in the Israeli film
Lihiyot Kohav (Being a Star).
During the filming of the movie, she was offered two roles in two different Israeli television shows, and she took both. The first was a soap opera named "Tzimerim" about the life of a family that runs a hotel; the second one was "The Pyjamas", a sitcom about a struggling band, determined to make it in the real world. This sitcom ran for four seasons, and gave Tal the chance to show her musical talent.
Although she was the main character only in the first three seasons, she appeared in the fourth season for several episodes. Following that, Tal recorded several songs with Israeli rapper Subliminal.
Seeking some rest from her busy schedule, Tal went to New York City to live with her sister. In New York, she met singer Wyclef Jean and recorded a song with him (the song Party to Damascus has Tal singing the chorus in Hebrew). In a recent interview he referred to himself as her mentor, seeking to help her with her true passion, music.
She landed a role on Veronica Mars, that of Meg Manning, 
one of Veronica Mars' few friends. Tal had originally auditioned for the lead eponymous role on the show, which went to Kristen Bell, 
but Rob Thomas liked her so much that he created the recurring role of Meg Manning specifically for her. She had also guest-starred as "Jo Harvelle", a recurring character, on Supernatural--at least until Season 3 whereupon her character disappeared without warning. Some fans speculate that she was cut from the cast to make way for other characters with more male audience appeal, such as Ruby (played by Katie Cassidy), although this is up for debate. Alona still maintains a very loyal and intense, though relatively small, fan base.
Will become an American citizen once she gets a visa. 
Tal married actor Marcos Ferraez on June 5, 2007.

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